Westerwelle Startup Haus in Tunis was founded in 2016 and it was one of the first coworking spaces in Tunisia. It is located in downtown Tunis and it covers a surface of 500m². It is known for giving global opportunities for talented entrepreneurs in Tunisia.

At Westerwelle Startup Haus Tunis, we encourage entrepreneurship and support the local ecosystem by linking all startup related activities with the stakeholders and by streamlining their activities – We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and culture where a strong community can exchange ideas, promote peer-to-peer learning and take advantage of many professional opportunities. Westerwelle Startup Haus Tunis is offering unique resources, local and international expertise to more than 20 startups.

Westerwelle Startup Haus Tunis’s mission is to promote an entrepreneurial spirit and culture, to allow the exchange of ideas, cross-knowledge, the feeling of belonging to a community, and finally, the emergence of opportunities within an innovative and functional space.

Westerwelle Startup Haus Tunis

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